AP&A Group invests in research and development and cooperates with strategic industrial, academic partners and institutions or cutting edge technical projects. These are undertaken at a UK, European and International level including partners such as University of Strathclyde, Caledonian Macbrayne, Danaos, Lloyds Register and Jumbo Shipping amongst many others. In addition, we work closely with Newcastle University Alumni Association and industry trade bodies.


SEAHORSE – Safety Enhancements in transport by Achieving Human Orientated Resilient Shipping Environment, is a leap forward towards shipping safety achieved through technology transfer from air transport to maritime transport focusing on human factors problems in an innovative, integrated and multidisciplinary manner towards safer and more resilient shipping operations.
The SEAHORSE project tackles this challenge by bringing together an experienced, diverse and committed consortium from the air and maritime transport sectors to facilitate the transfer of proven resilience engineering methods.

The SEAHORSE project’s aim will be realised through the implementation of the following objectives:


The SEAHORSE concept has the potential to create a significant impact, in making ship operations safer and more resilient.

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INCASS -Inspection Capabilities for Enhanced Ship Safety – solution for efficient monitoring and ship inspections.

incass_logoThe INCASS project is funded by the European Union and brings together a range of experienced and dedicated partners from 7 European Countries.
The consortium’s objective is to bring innovative solutions to the ship inspection regime through:
– Introduction of enhanced inspection of ship structures based on robotic platforms (Drone and Magnetic Crawler)
– Providing ship structures and machinery monitoring with real time information using ‘intelligent’ sensors and incorporate Structural and Machinery Risk Analysis
– Introducing Condition Based inspection tools and methodologies, reliability and criticality based maintenance, providing an enhanced Central Database including ship structures and machinery available to maritime authorities (e.g. EMSA, Port State Control), Classification Societies and ship operators and eventually by developing a Decision Support System for ship structures and machinery for continuous monitoring and risk analysis and management of ship operations.

Project Outcomes:
•    Risk-based framework for ship structures and machinery inspection
•    Condition Based maintenance assessment and scheduling
•    Central automated database for ship structures and machinery
•    Structural and machinery Decision Support Platform
•    Practical Guidelines freely available to the maritime community for inspection and risk management
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ISEMMS Project – Integrated Ship Energy & Maintenance Management System

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The ISEMMS project aims at the development of an integrated energy and maintenance management system to optimise the energy efficiency and minimise the maintenance cost of ship machinery systems by monitoring of the performance, emissions and plant condition parameters, culminating in proposing the most effective energy and maintenance scheduling.


A number of advanced technologies including model based power management and fault diagnosis, condition/performance/emissions parameters monitoring, machinery vibration monitoring, infrared radiation and fluid analysis, multi-criteria optimisation techniques and machinery risk analysis will be combinatory used. Data acquisition will be integrated with the ship control systems and the acquired ‘big’ data will be analysed using  statistical and artificial intelligence algorithms and transferred ashore using satellite communications providing decision support and advise for optimal operation/adjustment of the system parameters and the most effective maintenance scheduling.

The ISEMMS system development will lead to a significant improvement in the vessels energy efficient operation and the reduction of the operational cost.

ISEMMS project is a research collaboration between industry and academia, aiming to provide a novel solution in designing an Integrated Ship Energy and Maintenance Management System (ISEMMS). The ISEMMS project consortium includes AP&A Group, Lloyd’s Register, Prisma Electronics and the University of Strathclyde. The project is partially funded by Innovate UK. Find out more: